How To Sell Your House: The Complete Sale-Ready Checklist

If you are wondering how to sell your house, the answer may lie in how you prepare to sell it. While most people decide to sell a house and the next day have it listed on Zillow and Trulia, this may not be the best approach. Professional home sellers will tell you that the time and effort you put into preparing to sell your house can have a significant impact on how fast you sell it and for what price. 

Since it is not always easy to know what you should do during the preparation phase, it helps to have a checklist.

How To Sell Your House Checklist

The Complete How to Sell Your House Checklist

We have taken the time to summarize seventeen essential steps you can take to help you sell your home faster. It may be helpful to print this list out and check off each step as you move along.

1. Determine whether it is a good time to sell.

Consider factors like children’s schooling, jobs, the season (winter is not the best month to sell), and other non-financial factors. While they may be more on the emotional side of things, they play an important role.

2. Find out if it is financially feasible to sell your house.

On the financial side, consider factors like whether your home equity is on your side, your debt position, if it is a sellers’ market and whether you have the cash to finance the sale process.

3. Find a listing agent.

Avoid the mistake of starting the sale process without a listing agent to guide you. Consider finding a listing agent with experience working with clients with your requirements.

4. Give your house a deep clean.

Hard-to-clean dirt can make a house look old and shabby. Get a professional cleaning company to deep clean your house and remove stains, hard-to-reach dust, and grime, and flush out the drains.

5. Make minor repairs.

Invest in minor repairs like replacing old power outlets and light switches, oiling the doors, and fixing broken toilet levers, leaky taps, and pipes. They may be minor, but buyers see them as a sign of a poorly kept home. 

6. Paint the walls.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. Ensure to have a professional contractor do the work so that you can get professional finishing to the paint job.

7. Light it up!

Avoid subjecting buyers to a dark, dull house. Add more bulbs and lighting to make the house look bigger and airier. Buyers love a bright-looking home interior.

8. Depersonalize your house.

Depersonalize your house by removing family pictures, art, and other items that can make it hard for a buyer to see themselves living in your house. Offer your buyer a blank canvas on which to paint their dreams.

9. Organize bedroom closets and storage cabinets.

Although you are still living in the house, dive into your closets and storage cabinets, and organize everything. Since buyers will want to see these spaces, you want to show them looking neat and organized.

10. Declutter the home.

During the organizing process, you will find things you do not need. When working out how to sell your house, take it as an opportunity to declutter and free up more space for the buyer to see.

11. Remove or replace valuable items.

Unless you are planning to leave valuable items like a crystal chandelier behind, it’s best to remove or replace them. You also don’t want a buyer to see things that they won’t get when they buy the house.

12. Consider renting a storage unit.

If there are things you can live without during the selling process, a storage unit might come in handy. Use it to store items you’d rather the buyer not see, like that old La-Z-Boy chair you simply can’t part with.

13. Don’t forget curb appeal.

With the interior looking great, focus on curb appeal. Have the driveway pressure washed, lawn reseeded, and fence painted. Great curb appeal is a significant factor in a buyer’s decision-making process.

14. Stage your home.

Either stage your home or have a professional home stager do it for you. You can add some rented furniture pieces or rearrange your current furniture.

15. Hire a professional photographer.

Professional photos go a long way when selling a home. This is one place you do not want to penny-pinch. Get a professional photographer to take excellent pictures of your home.

16. Decide on a competitive asking price.

With all you’ve done, you now have a sale-ready home ready for pricing. Speak with your real estate agent about how to sell your house and at what price.

17. Finally, emotionally dissociate from your house.

Emotionally letting go of your home can be challenging. If you’ve lived there long enough, factor in some time for this process of letting go.  

When figuring out how to sell your house, going through a checklist like the one above can help you address the most critical issues. As you do so, it’s useful to involve your real estate agent through all the steps, as they can give you advice on how to make the most of each checkpoint.

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